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Effective immediately we've updated our hours of operation. 
We will now be open Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm 

Coronavirus Store Policies


Our Team at Pee Dee Bicycle Company would like to take this time to say thank you to our customers during these trying times.

We just want to give you a little update on what is going on in our shop and some insight for you, the Customer.

1. The bicycle industry, as a whole, has never seen such a spike in sales from new bikes to parts and accessories. All major brands and even the big box store brands are behind on production of new bikes and parts. We have backordered a lot of bicycles for our floor, but everyday more and more people are calling and putting deposits to reserve those bikes.

2. The Covid -19 Pandemic.  What we believe, is that we are doing everything possible to be as helpful, respectful, and courteous to all customers and staff. With the new surge happening around us, we have reverted back to doing even more for the safety of all. Our staff will be wearing masks when in proximity of customers.  We have Sanitizer available to be used at our front door entrance and sales counters. We ask that you respect other customers and give a 6ft separation. We will be also be limiting the amount of customers in our store.

3. The Service Department has seen a 400% increase in repairs. This along with the industry’s lack of part availability, has slowed the turnaround process of getting bicycles back to our Customers. We will no longer be using a Que sheet to call customers to bring in their bikes. With Suppliers continuously running low, having your bicycle here, makes sure it is first come, first serve and that we get parts ordered fast and we do not lose our customers position in the process.  Tubes and tire Repairs are still a 24hr turn around, anything more than that will be put in the order behind other repairs. It is not that we don’t what to help everyone the best we can, but doing small repairs here and there takes us away from customers that have had their bikes in our shop for some time.

4. Our Sales Team has been running a marathon every day. From making sure our customers are getting that one on one attention to helping find the exact product they are looking for. They are answering phone calls with a smile, even with the phone non-stop ringing all day. They have also been sanitizing the store and products continuously throughout the day.

We appreciate your understanding in this time. All team members are wearing multiple hats in the store. Along with coming in early and staying late to try to make your experience the best possible.

Please be patient with us as we try to tackle this Pandemic and the surge it has brought to the industry, we are changing every day to try and make this the best possible experience for you, our customer.

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