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Meet the Pee Dee Bike Team

Jim and Dana


Jim and Dana re-located to the Myrtle Beach area a little over 8 years ago.  Their love for bike adventures and both being entrepreneurs is what led them to discover a need in the are for a local independent owned bike shop that was different than your normal shop. Dana's passion and career in marketing and sales along with Jim's out of the box thinking was a perfect match.  In 2015 Pee Dee Bicycle Company opened it doors to the cycling community.  What makes Pee Dee Bicycle Company unique is its hospitality culture and a team of enthusiast people who love to ride bikes.

Gary Bennett Jr.

Service Manager

Gary is originally from New Jersey, but grew up in upstate New York.  He has been involved in cycling since an early age, mountain biking in the Catskill Mountains. Along with a rich family history in motorsports and civil engineering experience,e is definitely mechanically inclined.  Gary loves to ride bikes of any kind mountain bikes, road, adventuring or just a cruise to the beach with friends.. He follows he well know equation N + 1 = The bikes you own + 1 more.  That makes 9 so far.  Although he has the knowledge and experience to work on any bicycle today, his real passion is for the classics.  There is nothing quite like breathing new life into classic steel bicycles full of history.

Adam Cathrall


Adam is one of the technicians of Pee Dee Bike's Service Department. He serves as a service writer, meaning he meets and assess customer bikes and schedules when these bikes will be repaired as well as coordinates the building of new bikes which are delivered weekly.

In his spare time he is a USA Cycling Level 3 Coach and NICA Level 3 Coach.  He helps beginners as well as up and coming bike racers take their performance to the next level.

Thom Mezzapelle


Thom retired from law enforcement after 24 years of service. He has been riding bikes since 1971 and has been fixing bicycles almost as long. He loves the simplicity of single speed bikes, but truly believes you should not limit yourself to this style of riding.
Thom is married to Kelly and is the dad of Bosco, our shop dog. In his spare time he loves to travel, go to tiki bars and just “tinker” around. He is proud of the fact he always has a project he is working on. At Pee Dee Bike. he works in the service department fixing bikes brought in for repair.


Steve Reichart

Service/Bike Builder

Steve is a retired military veteran and takes pride in being a family man. He is married to wonderful RN and they have 4 great children and two grand children.

In his spare time, Steve loves coaching children in sports of all ages. He enjoys doing things outside especially when he is on his boat, on the beach or just simply peddling on his bike.

Sundays during the fall he takes pride in being a fan and cheering the Pittsburgh Steelers. He loves working at Pee Dee Bike as a bike builder as he feels they are like a second family.

Joe Guthinger

Joe is a member of the service department repairing customer bikes as well as greeting customers as they enter the store making minor bike repairs. He is a senior in high school and aspires to go to college and pursue a medical degree.


Joe is a triathlete competing at an early age. He has competed in many competitions around the US.  He competes in all distance triathlons from super sprint to half ironman at the national level.  


On the high school level he is a club swimmer competing on the national level with multiple state championships.For cross training, he enjoys mountain biking and off road triathlons.   

Teresa Pendergrass


Teresa is originally from the mountains of Western North Carolina.  She began riding bikes at an early age, being a bit of a daredevil, never shying away from jumping off of homemade ramps with her bike to see how far that bike would fly.  After serving 12 years with the Town of Waynesville as Athletic Director she relocated to Myrtle Beach, employed as a Security Supervisor for more than two decades. She began working sales at Pee Dee Bicycle Company in September 2019.  Teresa enjoys casual, carefree bike rides, loves to travel, is an avid reader and sports fanatic.

Patrick Donahue
Service Writer/Sales

Patrick spends his riding time mostly on the trail and seeking solace from the hustle and bustle, but loves a race setting for personal challenge.  When racing, his favorite race fuel is tacos, for hydration he prefers scratch lemon/lime and his favorite GU is salted caramel.  

Patrick loves to ride all different terrains.  When he prefers to go fast his bike choice is the Trek Supercaliber, when looking for a fun ride its the Santa Cruz Tallboy and when he is looking for adventure or a gravel road is in sight, it is the Trek Checkpoint.

Patrick is part of the Pee Dee Bike Sales Team. Feel free to stop by during the week and ask him about bike racing as well as learning about all the Trek Bikes Pee Dee Bike has built and in stock.

May Lauzon

May has been an avid triathlete for 12 years.  Originally a swimmer in college, she learned to love cycling as a method of cross training.  As a former race director and triathlon club coordinator, May is passionate about growing the sports of cycling and triathlon locally.  In her free time she enjoys riding her cruiser to the beach.

Fred Harris

Fred and his wife Cheryl moved to Myrtle Beach in May 2017. Natives of New Jersey, they retired from public education. Fred works part time in the sale department and loves taking to customers about what bike is "right for them". In his spare time he enjoys fishing, biking riding on the road on his Domane SL6 and off roading on his X-Caliber. Also he is a lead cyclists for many races sponsored by NS Promos through out the summer.


Shop Dog

Bosco is our shop dog and is always willing and able to greet our customers! He is a mix of Pittie and Carolina Dog. His ears are always standing at alert listening for someone to enter Pee Dee Bike or the sound of paper crinkling, meaning there is something, somewhere  to eat.


Bosco is friendly, strong and playful. He loves food, treats, warm days outside and all the smells found in nature. He dislikes thunder, fireworks and that occasional bike tube exploding. 


Please make sure you say hi and give him a head rub during your next visit to the shop.

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