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Whether your bike is in need of a full overhaul or just a few minor repairs, our Certified Trek and Shimano T.E.C. professional certified technicians are trained to diagnose and service all bicycle makes and models. At Pee Dee Bicycle we offer a variety of tune-up packages as well as à la carte options designed to keep your bike ready to ride.  All service pricing is up front, and estimates are always free.  The best part?  Our most popular tune up packages come with our 72 hour guarantee (business days only).  With our service department you get to spend less while spending more time on your bike.

Remember regular maintenance is the key to keeping your bike running smoothly ride after ride. 

Level 1 Tune-up (recommended every 50 hours of riding)

Everything torqued, aligned and adjusted on bike

  • Torque all fastners

  • Align and adjust brakes

  • Align and adjust all shifting components

  • Adjust headset

  • Inspect bottom bracket

Parts not included in package pricing 

Level 2 Tune-up (recommended every 50 hours of riding)

Everything cleaned, tensioned, aligned and adjusted.

Includes everything in Level 1 plus:

  • Remove and deep clean all drivetrain components

  • Wheel True

  • Adjust wheel bearings

Parts not included in package pricing

Level 3 Tune-up (recommended every 100 hours of riding)

The entire bike stripped, cleaned, lubed and tuned to perfection

Included everything in Level 2 plus:

  • Disassemble entire bike and deep clean all parts

  • Flush and replace hydraulic fluid

  • Replace and re-route all cables and housing

Parts not included in package pricing

Included With All Services

  • Free estimates for every bike

  • Every bike is test ridden

  • Every bike is checked by a second mechanic

  • 30-Day guarantee on any labor performed

Box Bike For shipping

Get your bike professionally packaged and ready for shipping. You'll still need to arrange the shipping part, we recommend

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