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Riding a bicycle? Here's what you need to know…

Bicycles are considered vehicles and must obey all of the traffic laws that automobiles must obey. Stop at stop signs and traffic signals. Yield to pedestrians. Ride with traffic, not against it.

Here’s a list of important rules for bicyclists...

  1. Bicyclists riding in the road must travel in the extreme right lane in the direction of the traffic — not against it!

  2. Whenever possible, bicyclists should ride on bike paths or in designated bicycle lanes, such as those on Mr. Joe White Avenue and North Ocean Boulevard.

  3. Bicyclists must obey all road signs and traffic signals and must give turn signals, just as motorists do.

  4. Bicyclists may not ride on ordinary pedestrian sidewalks. They may ride on wide, multi-purpose sidewalks designed for a combination of bicycle and pedestrian traffic, such as those along Grissom Parkway and Farrow Parkway.

  5. It is illegal to ride through a pedestrian crosswalk. Climb off the bike and walk your bicycle across the road, or simply ride with traffic as noted in item 1.

  6. A bicyclist riding in the dark must have a headlight on the front of his bicycle and a red reflector on the rear.

  7. Finally, motorists must give bicycles room to ride on the road. State law requires cars to share the roadway with bicycle riders.

For print-on-demand bicycle safety brochures in Russian/English and Spanish/English, along with a map showing bicycle lanes and multipurpose paths in the City of Myrtle Beach, visit

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