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So you think you want to work at the Pee Dee Bicycle Company?  THAT'S GREAT, we love new people and are always looking to put the right people in the right position.  But before you consider filling out our employment application, we'd like to think about some things to ensure you are right for Pee Dee Bicycle Company and (possibly more importantly) that Pee Dee Bicycle Company is right for you.  These questions are not intended to scare anyone away, just to prepare you for the job ahead. 

Can you stay calm and friendly under pressure? People love Pee Dee Bicycle Company because we treat our store like a second home.  What that means for the employees of Pee Dee Bicycle Company is it is our job to give everyone the highest level of customer service: welcoming people in, holding the doors open, helping loading and unloading, offering water on hot days, even when there are a lot of people in the store. Staying calm and remaining friendly even when the pressure is on is vital.

Are you a team player? Pee Dee Bicycle Company is a family and we work side-by-side, relying on each other for support, guidance and assistance, especially during our busy season. And no matter what’s going on in your week, we will be counting on you to "knock the dirt off your boots" and be 100% ready to work when your shift starts. We all depend on and support each other, and we fiercely protect the culture our store has.

Are you willing to learn new things? Customer look to our staff to know... well... everything.  The cycling industry is constantly changing and there are always new products, ideas, techniques, and tecknowledge that you will have to learn.  None of our staff know everything about cycling, but we are all willing and able to learn, research, and lookup the information we need, even if it is on our own time.  We also have a video education platform that you will have to keep up with, learning all the Trek has to offer as it happens.

Do you pay attention to the little things? It's the little things that keep our customers coming back.  It is remembering their name or the event they were planning on doing.  It's ensuring you know they type of riding they do and suggesting the product that will mean something to THEM.  It's shaking their kids hand when they get their first new bike, or handing out a high five when they complete their longest distance ride (even if it is only around the block). 

Are you patient and eager to serve people? We expect out staff to have the heart of a servant. Our customers will come in with all types of needs they look to us to fulfill.  Their expectations may be outrageous and their questions may seem crazy at times, but your humility must take a front-and-center roll while you guide them on their journey to be more fit, ride more miles, or just get to work, or have someone to talk to.  It is your job to serve those who come through our doors.

Are you available on evenings and weekends? In this business, evenings and weekends are a KEY TIME when many of our customers shop and stop by the store for one of our many fun runs and seminars. It is critical to our continued success that our employees be flexible and comfortable working a variety of shifts, including evenings and weekends.


If you were excited by these questions and are still ready to go... we can't wait to meet you.


We're always looking for great employees. To apply please click the link below and fill out the application and submit.

Pee Dee Bicycle Job Application

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