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Join Our Pee Dee Bike Club Today!

The purpose of our new and exciting club is to get the local community involved in cycling, setting goals and helping you get to where you want to be by the end of the year and encouraging each other throughout the season.

All riders are welcome, roadies, commuters, leisure/social, mountain bikers, gravel grinders, adventure, virtual, triathletes and even e-bikers!

So why a club? How can we help? We have weekly group rides for every type of cyclist, with experienced riders that are willing to help in any way. Every month we also host a “Basic Bicycle Maintenance” class to help you keep your ride crisp. Our certified technicians are also ready and willing to help if your bike has a sick day.

Our newest addition, “Fueling Your Lifestyle” is a class to help you understand why nutrition is an important factor in reaching your goals for 2019! So come be a part of the fun, meet fellow cyclists that share the same if not similar goals as you!

So now that you get the picture you’re probably asking “How do I join?” First stop by our shop, we have a signup sheet in our store. There are a few different club options to best suit your needs. There’s the 1000, 3000, 5000, and 8000 mile clubs. Once you’ve chosen your goal download the “Strava” app on your smart phone, customize your profile, click “Explore” and under the “Clubs” tab search “Pee Dee Bicycle” and join. This is where your miles will be tracked and you can get a shot at a spot on our Top Ten leaderboard! The best part about this, it is totally FREE!

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